As many areas lock down for Coronavirus, Airbnb hosts have seen massive numbers of cancelations and financial losses. Rent, mortgages, and employee salaries are increasingly difficult to pay with no revenue coming in.

This is a recording of an Online Meetup I hosted, which featured a panel of short-term rental property managers, owners, and rental arbitrage operators. The panelists shared the strategies they have been using during this crisis, including:

  • How to effectively communicate with your landlords about rent deferrals
  • Securing bookings from stranded travelers, extended stay guests, traveling nurses, and college students
  • Mitigating the risk of renting to long term guests or locals
  • Working with your mortgage lender to delay payments
  • Tactics to conserve capital when money is tight

Featured panelists

Anton Zilberberg

Founder of Autohost and Quickstay

Prior to launching a security product for hospitality. Anton has been a property manager for a few years, scaling a company quickly and learning all the ins and outs of the business.

John An

Owner of Ohana Stay

John has a property management company that owns, manages, and rerents properties in Hawaii. His company, Ohana Stay, focuses on high margin properties. Prior to diving into the short term rental industry, John was an architect focused on sustainable buildings.

Scott Yesner

Co-owner of Bespoke Stay

Scott has been in the short-term rental industry for over 4 years. His company, Bespoke Stay, manages over 70 units in the Philadelphia area. Prior to forming Bespoke Stay, Scott was a litigation attorney.